Hypnotherapy Treatments

If you do not see the unwanted behaviour you are experiencing below just simply call me to discuss your situation. I always recommend coming into the office to have a no obligation free consultation where we can discuss your needs and decide if hypnosis is for you. Following your consultation and if you decide to go forward with a treatment, we will set a convenient date and time to suit. Treatments are carried out in a private office in Leyland Lancashire.


treatment for IBS  Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Treatment for Stop Smoking  Smoking Cessation

treatment-for-weight-loss  Weight Control

Treatment for Panic Attacks  Panic Attacks

Treatments for Sleeping Disorders  Sleep

Treatments for Stress  Stress

Treatments for Nail Biting  Nail Biting

Treatments for Depression  Depression

Treatments Fear phobia  Fear & Phobias

Treatments for confidence  Self Confidence

Treatments for stroke  Stroke Patients

 Treatment to help Learning Difficulties  Learning Difficulties

Treatments to aid Anxiety Attacks  Anxiety

Treatments for Tittinus Relief  Tinnitus

Guilt  Guilt

Treatment for bed wetting  Bed Wetting



Exam Nerves

Sexual Issues


Public Speaking



Sports Performance

Childhood Issues


Relationship Issues

Driving Test

Dental Issues

For Him:

Penis Enlargement
Body Sculpting

For Her:

Child Birth
Breast Enlargement
Face lift

For Professionals:

Employee Performance
Job Interview
Dealing with Employees
Successful selling
Time Management
World Class Manufacturing Techniques OEE, 5’s, VSM, Kaizen , Kanban (Currently Under construction)