Learn Hypnosis

Learn Hypnosis

Train for a rewarding new career and Learn Hypnosis

Over the years, at Innervisions School Of Clinical Hypnosis we have proven time after time that most illnesses which have an emotional or psychosomatic nature are not the exclusive preserve of the medical profession. Indeed such illness is often more effectively dealt with by gentle and caring interactive therapies such as hypnotherapy rather than the administering of drugs.

We see that the key to learning this fascinating field of hypnosis is for students to experience theory, then to see a demonstration and then to practice there new skill with fellow students and volunteers.

This course is designed to be of particular relevance to those in the caring profession as well as anyone who has an interest in the field of human potential and personal development and want to learn hypnosis. Whilst academic qualifications may be an advantage, we regard it as only being a small part of the learning curve to becoming a competent clinical hypnotherapist. This course is therefore to open those with a genuine interest in hypnotherapy irrespective of race, religion, and environmental classification, even though they may not have any relevant prior learning and have a desire to learn hypnosis.

We aim to be the best in our particular field and to surpass our students expectations, our teaching methods are unique, supportive, warm and friendly. We are dedicated to this profession and we intend to assist each and every student to become a competent practitioner in modern clinical hypnosis.

Free Induction Days

If you want to consider a Career in Clinical Hypnotherapy click the link above and look for Induction days. There you will find the nearest induction day and an outline of the course modules involved. Go on.. do something amazing with your life ..

What are the Potential Earnings

The potential income from doing hypnosis combined with the life style change make it a rewarding career.